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Decorative Shape

Emily Bright 
Mixed Media Artist

Emily Bright (MA, B.Ed, BFA) is an established Toronto-based Mixed Media Artist and Educator who loves to celebrate and empower others through bold, vibrant, and thought-provoking imagery. She has exhibited her work in several Group Exhibitions throughout North America and was awarded a grant to travel to France as an Artist-In-Residence at Chateau Orqueveax.


Emily participates in “Live Art” and Charitable Events to engage her audience in the creative process and to benefit important causes. She is most noted for her on-the-spot “Pop-Up Art” where she surprises her subjects with vibrant portrait depictions that are intended to elevate and inspire others. Emily is a loving teacher with twenty-five years experience who spends every day learning with kids and their families. She hopes to make a difference in people's lives however large or small.

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